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Back Pharma and Healthcare - Podcast: Supply chain planning and strategy

Whether it’s supporting clinical drug trials or ensuring delivery of drugs into the marketplace, supply chain planning and strategy, combined with frequent and precise communications, play a key role for end-to-end successful execution.

In this second episode of our podcast, Robert Coyle, Senior Vice President of Pharma & Healthcare Strategy of Kuehne+Nagel joins QuickSTAT’s Scott Ohanesian, Senior Vice President Operations, Clinical Trial Logistics, for a QuickConversation focused on “Communications,  Expectations & Hidden Heroes” and how the combination of those elements impact the pharma and healthcare supply chain: 

  • How communication protocols with pharma companies evolved as the COVID vaccine trials and manufacturing got underway.
  • How to approach communications and transparency when there are multiple stakeholders.
  • Their experience engaging with global pharmaceutical companies during the development of the COVID vaccine—from clinical trials to administration of the drug to patients.
  • What the future holds: insights about what lies ahead for the pharma product lifecycle. 

Click here to listen to the second episode of our podcast:


Or download the transcript of the podcast (episode 2) here.

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