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Flowers bring joy to people across the world. They have been doing so for centuries. Even today, during the ongoing global pandemic, the flower business has not lost its importance in the slightest.

With a clear vision for the future, motivated employees, and strong partners in logistics, Daniel Vélez runs the family business, Suasuque, in a Colombian valley with a favorable microclimate, not far from the capital Bogotá.

Suasuque has been partnering with Kuehne+Nagel for their global export logistics since the past 30 years. Focused on cultivating different varieties of alstroemerias, Suasuque has become a major exporter of these exclusive species. To ensure unique customer experience, the team developed a patented system of organic practices and procedures, which includes adding a special mesh to protect the flowers while they take the journey to reach end consumers. We asked Daniel about his recipe for success, market trends in the flower industry, and the importance of trust between partners.



5 facts about Suasuque

  • Family-owned flower business, established in 1976
  • Located in the valley of Sopó, 35 km north-east of Bogotá, Colombia
  • Growing and trialling more than 40 varieties of alstroemerias
  • 10-hectare greenhouse operation run by 156 second and third generation employees
  • Strong focus on social responsibility and sustainability; supporting rural communities to achieve higher standards of living

→ Learn more about the solutions that make Suasuque successful

“Growing with our customers” is a series of stories told by our customers - flower growers, fruit and vegetable importers, fish farmers, and food producers who introduce you to their world of ingenuity, determination and passion. From a blooming farm in Colombia to the cold waters of the Norwegian sea and back to sunny banana plantations – get ready to travel around the world to discover the secrets behind the highest quality, freshness and joy of our favourite products.