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A holistic solution - for when it matters the most.

Ensuring that delicate, high value devices get to those who need them as quickly as possible in perfect condition is vital for patient wellbeing. The COVID-19 pandemic has made us even more aware of the need to get devices such as ventilators to patients as rapidly as possible, often from the other side of the world. And, of course, it’s important to protect margins, so keeping a lid on costs is also necessary.

Choosing a logistics partner with the global reach, experience and resources to help you meet these goals is an important decision.

A growing medical device market

The medical device market continues to experience strong growth, driven by an aging population worldwide, the prevalence of infectious and chronic diseases, and technological innovation. Devices range from simple tongue depressors through to arthroscopy scopes for surgical procedures, such as knee and hip replacements. Technology is playing an increasing role with smartwatches, activity trackers and other forms of wearable technology also being classified as medical devices. And healthcare products, while often less delicate, can nevertheless be prone to issues such as damage or theft. The knock-on effect that covid has had on surgeries for example, with people experiencing significant delays, means the reliability of on time deliveries has never been more important.

Experience counts

With many years’ experience setting up supply chains for the world’s leading med tech and healthcare companies around the world and especially in countries which encourage investment in this area, Kuehne+Nagel is well placed to advise you on your logistics requirements. 

We understand, for example, the impact that sterilization and de-gassing bottle necks can have on timing and offer 24/7 visibility of where your shipments are. Or the importance of security at all times for your high value products. Our Care Team offer around the clock intervention to ensure delivery of products when it really matters. We plan meticulously in order to overcome issues such as a lack of infrastructure to deliver to even the hardest to reach places. Your smart devices are safe in our hands and our global network of 230 GxP certified locations, ensuring no compliance or risk issues. We know the pressures exerted by retailers on healthcare product manufacturers to ensure the shelves are never empty. We also realize the need for differentiated offerings that take into account cost versus speed and service.

As the medical device sector becomes more diverse and varied, a tailored yet holistic solution that considers the connection between every element of the supply chain is the answer.

Contact our healthcare and med tech logistics experts today to learn more about how Kuehne+Nagel can support your business and patients.

Because your patients rely on the effectiveness of your products, we ensure that quality is maintained for their entire journey, no matter where you are in the world.

Jon Chapman - VP Pharma & Healthcare Services

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