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Chances are that your online buyers have checked the return policy before adding items to their cart. Is your process pain-free?

Every e-commerce business wants more return customers, but not the challenges that come with return merchandise. According to Invesp*, at least 30% of products purchased online are sent back. The good news is that 92% of consumers said they would buy from the seller again if the returns process were easy.

A successful program is designed to reduce costs while improving the customer experience. Knowing your expected volumes is essential to maintain high efficiency at fulfilment centres and offering buyers a faster turnaround time on refunds. That’s why Kuehne+Nagel’s online portal takes the guesswork out of shipment flows by letting customers submit pre-approved returns.

Scalable returns cycle

Our e-commerce experts build tailor-made B2C and B2B solutions that match your growing business. Upgrade your returns program with carrier-integrated data exchange, tracking visibility from consumer to hub and reintroducing products into stock faster.

Increase your returns productivity with services that offer:

  • Portal for approvals and shipping labels

  • Quick credit to the consumer upon receipt or after inspection 

  • Automated grading process for each brand’s SOP

  • Refurbishment processes for steaming, repair and electronic cleansing

  • Options for lot tracking, expiry and serial number

Processing simplified

Avoid hurdles in your returns management with a quality-centric system:


Each item is validated to ensure the customer made the purchase and it falls within the return window. Once verified, you receive the data needed to issue a return.

Sorting, grading and specialised services

Products arriving at the fulfilment centre are sorted by category, and our system leads people through the brand-customised grading process. Apparel may require reticketing or button reattachment, whereas electronics grading includes warranty verification, data cleansing data and parts replacement. Tracking is available for health and beauty lines, from lot numbers to expiry dates.

Inventory and resale

As some merchandise has a short lifecycle, reintroduction to inventory must be quick to ensure readiness for repurchase. The goal is to organize and design each program to reduce waste through refurbishment and repackaging. Any non-sellable goods can be sold to a secondary market or repurposed in new product manufacturing. Kuehne+Nagel works with you to develop more sustainable options that keep items out of landfills.

Let us help you streamline your returns process, increase productivity and create happier “returning” customers.

*Source: https://www.invespcro.com/blog/ecommerce-product-return-rate-statistics/

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