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The three fundamentals for seamless cross-border transport are reliability, visibility and ease of customs clearance. Our global network of logistics experts delivers it all.

When your customers are global, your strategy needs to be as well. Keeping your supply chain on track while negotiating complex cross-border shipping can be a challenge.

According to McKinsey, 60%1 of cross-border e-commerce is intercontinental with growth expectations from $1 trillion to $2 trillion by 2030. With that kind of increase, shippers have to be ahead of the curve.

Our e-commerce specialists have the know-how to navigate worldwide markets and scale solutions with your business.


As more online buyers use global sources, they want a dependable direct-to-consumer shopping experience—regardless of where their order originates.

Expertise and capacity are chief drivers of reliability. With an established global air cargo network operated by logistics professionals, and seamless integration with best-in-class final-mile delivery networks, we deliver on time to doorsteps in key markets. We offer:

  • End-to-end track and trace at the parcel level
  • Full integration with e-commerce shopping platforms
  • Managed capacity and coverage with multiple weekly flights and final-mile delivery partners
  • All-in-one transparent and simplified pricing


As transportation disruptions ebb and flow, strategies have to be adaptable and resilient. From customs clearance to final mile delivery, our B2C cross-border solutions offer the flexibility to manage your e-commerce flows.

  • Integration of Customs processes
  • Routing and carrier selection based on conditions and requirements
  • Global network allowing for future growth

Customs clearance

Consistent on-time transport of cross-border shipments often comes down to the proficiency of your customs clearance. Understanding and complying with regulations in regions around the world is essential for a growing e-commerce business.

We can help you untangle the complexities of HS-code validation, screening, and compliance, depending on the markets you are targeting. Our customs specialists can help you take full advantage of clearance options like section 321, where select US import shipments valued under U$800 may be duty-free.

Talk with us about a cross-border solution that gives you a competitive advantage across the global marketplace.

1Source: McKinsey and Company | March 2022

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