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Back Air freight logistics – General conditions

Below you can find the detailed conditions for Kuehne+Nagel’s air freight services.

General Conditions

  1. Conditions of contract based on IATA Resolution 600b until 27 Dec 2019: Download
  2. Conditions of contract based on amended IATA Resolution 600b effective 28 Dec 2019: Download 
    (Please note, above mentioned supersedes the old liability limits even though our H/AWB may still reflect the old liability limits.)
  3. For any pre-transportation or on-forwarding beyond the airports, the liability is either ruled by the respective Terms and Conditions of the national forwarder organisations (please see country listing at the bottom) or
  4. If such do not exist by the FIATA MODEL RULES FOR FREIGHT FORWARDING SERVICES as adopted by the respective Kuehne + Nagel country organisation. 

For any air transportation to, from and within any country that presently has neither adopted (see list of countries) the Warsaw nor the Montreal Convention, please also refer to above mentioned applicable rules under item 2 and 3.

Terms & Conditions for External Liability Service (ELS) for Perishable Shipments

Here, you can find the Terms & Conditions for External Liability Service (ELS) for Perishable Shipments.

For more information, please contact us.

Terms and Conditions of national forwarder organisations 

 Country  Document
 Austria  Download
 Belgium  Download
 Canada  Download
 Czech Republic  Download
 Denmark  Download
 Estonia  Go to website
 Finland  Download
 France (Reunion)  Download
 Germany  Download
 Greece  Go to website
 Ireland  Download
 Italy  Download
 Latvia  Download
 Luxembourg  Download
 Malta  Download
 Mexico  Download
 Netherlands  Download
 Norway  Download
 Portugal  Download
 Puerto Rico (and USA)  Download
 Reunion (France)  Download
 Russia  Download
 Slovakia  Download
 Slovenia  Download
 South Africa  Download
 Spain   Download
 Sweden  Download
 Switzerland  Download
 United Kingdom  Download
 USA (and Puerto Rico)  Download